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ARED (ARE-mRNA database) contains the complete entries of human ARE-containing full-length mRNAs (see methodology for details).

ARED is further clustered into five groups depending on the number of motifs in the ARE stretch. Groups 1-4 contain five, four, three and two pentameric (AUUUA) repeats, respectively, while Group 5 contains only one repeat within the 13-bp pattern.  Clustering was performed in such a way that, for example, Group 1 included not only exact five or more continuous ARE pentamers but also those with 10% ambiguity, so that a stretch of NUUUAUUUAUUUAUUUAUUUN would fall in this category. This process was verified by a phylogenic tree relationship using Clustal-W alignment of ARE stretches and their variations. As could be expected, this analysis showed that the lower the number of ARE motifs in a group, the higher the number of sequences that were included, and apparently the more functionally diverse the corresponding ARE-genes.



Group I Cluster

Group II Cluster

Group III Cluster

Group IV Cluster

Group V Cluster